Aahar Samhita
An Initiative of Dietitian Amika

About Amika

Amika ChitranshiMs. Amika

  • Freelance Dietetic professional
  • Master of Science in Dietetics and Food Service Management
  • Master of Arts in Sociology
  • UGC – NET Qualified (University Grant Commission – National Eligibility Test for Lectureship/Asst. Professor)
  • Life member of Indian Dietetic Association with the Lucknow Branch, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Issues that affect health and life always concerns me

In the progression from my childhood inherent curiosity to know the science, technology, reason, causes behind every new and unusual thing whether it be then to know water heating in paper bowl, making voices, growing plants, plant-animal care, discipline – to be class monitor-house captain, making round puffed Roti/Phulka, why mom says routine diet is not okay in ailments (this guided me to be in the field of Dietetics), math magic, biology dissection, basic electrical repairing, about electrical circuit diagrams, to light a tube light without starter, impact of music with gaining very-very basic knowledge of it or making a clap switch that runs by clapping, clothing construction and designing or to explore about science in course curriculum, in daily life, behind magic – exorcism, health-physiology-medicinal issues, environment – sociological concern and so many… still remains constant and continue with the progression of my life till date.

Family environment and there approaches, interest, efforts, vast education program of graduation that compiled from eleven different subjects, Masters from two; but complementary subjects, work dimensions other than formal education received throughout and with my education process, working for different health projects of national and international agencies running in Medical university, short term vocational teaching, educational support to who in need, provided me a learning process to explore the life, society and health at physical, mental, social, spiritual, psychological, economical, political, situational, ecological and demographic level. This also stands me professionally and provides me dynamics of teaching, counselling, writing, lifestyle adaptation and a huge collection of significant information that here is shared to be beneficial for others.

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