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Bathua Paratha Vs Sagpaita

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Paratha ya Sagpaita, Kya jada Labhdayak hai (which one is more beneficial)? Someone asked me this.

Very important query I must say; Because it is related to the matter of choice or must say healthy choices. Many times we come across with this type of queries in mind that need to be dealt with.

Here is sharing my response on this issue:

Have both Bathua Paratha and Sagpaita. Both is good.

Include both paratha and sagpaita in the menu list for different days. After all there should be varieties in the diet.

The point is, “the diet must be healthy with good taste and varieties”.

There should be consideration that how much or how frequently we should eat a particular dish. it is based on many factors.

Thumb rule is “Be in Moderation”.

Too much intake of anything should be avoided.

Healthy diet should be prepared keeping need, likes and dislikes of an individual in mind.

We can not force a person to eat a dish that he or she totally dislikes just because it is healthy. Rather must modify the diet in a way where ingredient required can be incorporated in the dishes making them acceptable and healthy.

Here paratha should be prepared with good quality of oil at medium flame.

There is another option of vegetable mix roti with some butter on it. Similarly it is better to add some Deshi Ghee or Butter in sagpaita.

If it isn't safe,it isn't food.

Healthy diet is a broader term the key term that is said that “healthy diet starts with safe food and if it is not safe, it is not food” – FAO

How a dish is prepared, quality of ingredients used are two basic factors out of many other to describe a food safe…

Paratha is very popularly known recipe. Sagpaita – we can say it “Saag wali Daal”. it is a localized term used to refer a recipe made with green leafy vegetables that commonly known as “Saag or Shaak” with pulses/lentils (“Daal”). Here it is Bathua urad daal Sagpaita.

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